About the Studio

A look inside of Splendor in the Glass Studio

Splendor in the Glass

Years ago Delphi Glass Co. asked fellow glass artists and crafters to describe their Dream Studio. Because of a debilitating illness at the time, I designed and built mine in my head, much like the stories of prisoners of war “building” their dream home in their mind to enjoy during a life beyond captivity.

With infinite attention to detail, my “studio” took shape - large windows, sky lights, ample counter space, organized glass storage, glass washing station, ventilation, design and drawing areas, lighting, large amazing work tables, tons of storage space, lavatory, wraparound decks, and more. Nothing was left out. After all, it was a "dream" studio!

In 2009, from that dream, emerged my reality. I am the most fortunate artist I know of, and am grateful for my loving husband for his support in all of my endeavors.

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