Commissioning Stained Glass Art

Designing a commissioned stained glass panel

Adding a custom Stained Glass panel, window, door, or partition to your home, office or other beckoning space is a very exciting decision.

At the outset, it is normal to not know precisely what you want. Together, we will explore different styles of glasswork to find what best suits your taste and needs, and discover what is possible for your unique situation.

The Commission Process

Our initial conversations, in person or via phone and email, will lead to preliminary drawings or sketches, and answer questions you may have. You will also learn about the process and what to expect.

In the design phase, we will explore creative components, glass types, textures, and color choices. The possibilities are truly limitless. After a preliminary sketch has been chosen, a full size pattern is drawn. Any additional changes are then made at this time.

Throughout the construction process, you are welcome and encouraged to visit the studio and see your new glass art in progress. If you are not in the area, images will be emailed so that you may still experience this incredible process.

Creating commissioned stained glass


Pricing depends on many factors:

  • The size of the artwork
  • The cost of the glass you choose—from standard glass to specialty glass such as antiques or mouth blown glass—can vary widely in price
  • The number of pieces in the artwork
  • The complexity of the pattern
  • Special reinforcement or framing, if necessary
  • Specialty components or artistic embellishments, if chosen
  • Installation or shipment of artwork

Local delivery and installation of your artwork can be easily arranged. Otherwise, the shipping and delivery of your art will depend on size, and your location.

Your custom window will reflect your desires, making the project unique. Created with superb craftsmanship, your new window, or door, will continually bring you pleasure and delight every day throughout the years to come.

References are available upon request.

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